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Rose Ceremony


SUNDAY AUGUST 11. 2019 10.15am to 5pm.
Where: 249 San Mateo ave Mildura.
An open invitation to all (Vietnamese or not) from the Vietnamese ‘Blue Sky’ Buddhist Sangha here in Mildura to join us for the ‘Rose Ceremony’ –- A Buddhist Ceremony inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh to remember and appreciate our parents, their parents, etc, etc, whether they are still living or deceased – especially our Mother and Father.
According to Zen Master Thích Nhat Hanh, the annual ‘Rose Ceremony’ is as important as the Ceremony for the Birth of the Buddha (Vesak), it nourishes our understanding, love, and gratitude for our parents and all beings, for it is through them that we are who we are now..
People are welcome to come for full day or part (eg: 10.15 to 12.30) There will be a free vegetarian lunch provided


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