Mildura is in North West Victoria Australia. Within Mildura and surrounding districts the refreshing river of Zen Buddhism has two streams flowing into it :-

Sister Thanh Chan – Vietnamese monastic.         Wayne Rankin – Diamond Sangha non monastic.

Wayne and Sister Than Chan also work together at times to offer workshops etc in a supportive and encouraging environment, where practitioners of the Way come together to hear and practice the Dharma, Zen meditation, Mindfulness, Sutras and Koans.:


BLUE SKY SANGHA:  Sister Thich Nu Thanh Chan guides the Vietnamese community in the monastic tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

DIAMOND SANGHA: Wayne Rankin is the groups guiding teacher. The ‘Diamond Sangha’ is a lay tradition of Zen Buddhism which draws on both the Linji (Rinzai) and Caodong (Soto) schools, originally coming through the  ‘Sanbo Kyodan’ (Jap) school. Wayne started formal Zen  study in 1980 with  Robert Aitken Roshi, and was authorized to teach by Subhana Barzaghi Roshi.


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